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About Antaragni

G H Raisoni College of Engineering is one of the pre-eminent Autonomous institutions in central India imparting not only holistic technical education to the students, but also encouraging them towards more productive extracurricular activities. Adhering to customs, GHRCE brings you the Collegiate Cultural Fiesta 2022! Get ready to witness the much-awaited mega event of the year - Antaragini, the most flamboyant display of cultural blends and youthful enthusiasm, the colossal extravaganza held each year at GHRCE. The event stretches over a period of three days- jam-packed with a stupendous portrayal of dance and breathtaking performances!


Monday to Wednesday
29-31March 2022


Here are some of our Events

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Event Schedule For Antaragni

Here is our Event Schedule

Exclusive Events, Priceless Memories

Box cricket , Contraption Competition, How Things Work, Code Stumble, Technical Treasure Hunt , LAN Gaming, Brahmos(Jung Yard), Line Follower, Robo Soccer, Bridge buidling

Men In Action, Talent Show + Wall Painting, Imaginaria, Mechtrons, Mathematician Of The Year, Masterchef, Valorant, Blind Race, Tower Making

Inaugration + Janta Raja Act, Four Hand Assembling, Electrofence, Technical Marathon, Logo quiz.

Rangpeeth + DJ War

Art Exhibition (Trading Stalls)

Traditional Day Walk, Origami, Googler, Buddy Matt Games.

Signing, Unity 3D / AR-VR Workshop, Photo Booth, Astronomy Quiz, BGMI.

Fashion Show

Standup Comedy

Street dance

Art Exhibition (Trading Stalls)

Theme Dance + Folk Dance

Prize distribution + Validictory

Art Exhibition (Trading Stalls)

Celebrity Night (Hariganga campus)

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